Medicine Temperature Monitoring

Effortlessly produce reports for audits, stay up-to-date with alerts and notifications, and most importantly, ensure that the temperature in your medicine fridge is within the required range 

A duty of care

  • Expensive medicines need to be stored with careful temperature control in order for them to remain both safe and effective

  • Care providers have a duty to ensure that medicines are correctly stored

  • The CQC requires medicines to be stored appropriately

    • Internal fridge temperature should be logged at least three times a day and  checked to ensure it stays within the stated tolerances

    • Room temperature where the drug fridge is situated must likewise be logged three times a day and checked to ensure it's within stated tolerances

    • This logged data must be kept and made available to commissioners for the purpose of audit

  • Manual monitoring is time consuming for clinical staff, expensive, and error prone

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Easy automated monitoring

  • Hub and beacon hardware is delivered pre-configured, simply connect to your WiFi network and you're ready to go

  • Bluetooth thermometer beacons take continuous temperature readings

  • One beacon in the fridge, another in the room

  • A hub accrues data from the beacons and forwards it to the online service

Reports online, printed and emailed

  • Monthly audit reports available as a printable PDF

  • Reports can be automatically emailed to you on a schedule

  • Live online charts for every fridge you're monitoring, showing summary and detailed temperature data

  • Your fridges are always ready to audit

  • Your staff have one less admin task to perform and more time for their clinical duty


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Odoo • Image and Text


  • If a fridge or the room it is in becomes to hot or too cold, then an alert is sent to you via email

  • Alerts are triggered by configurable high and low temperature thresholds, this means an alert can be sent before a critical temperature is reached, thereby averting disaster

  • Alerts can be sent to more than one email address to make sure that key staff members are informed

  • All this means that you can manage your fridges by exception, rather than having to engage in time consuming manual monitoring