Transforming Emergency Departments

Empowering patients to contribute to their own medical record. Finding efficiencies, and improving patient care.

Engage with your patients

Using our system you can:

  • Reduce the amount of time doctors spend capturing data into the computer during a consultation

  • Leverage the most under-utilised resource in the Emergency Department; the patient

  • Reduce consulting times by up to 30%

  • See a real improvement in the scope, usefulness, and quality of the data captured into the patient record

  • Automatically send pertinent discharge data to your patients to educate and inform them about their condition, as well as what they can do to speed their recovery

  • Automatically send pertinent health advice to your patient, such as smoking cessation advice, alcohol and drug addiction support etc


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By including a simple kiosk in the Emergency department, low-risk patients are encouraged to provide pertinent medical information while they wait to see a doctor.

  • Multiple choice questions take approximately 15 minutes to complete

  • Data is secure, no personally identifying data ever leaves the hospital

  • Anonymised data is aggregated to partial post code level in order to provide useful insight into the types of problems your patient community deals with, and importantly what your ED should be prepared to handle

  • Over a 1000 data points are typically available to aggregate into useful reports

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Effortlessly keep your colleagues in the healthcare community informed about your mutual patient's progress and status.

  • Share data in near real time with General Practitioners and others

  • Automatically and securely deliver electronic discharge media, such as PDF documents, videos, and images direct to your patients

  • Reduce printing costs for discharge information pamphlets

  • Help your patients to help themselves by having smoking cessation advice, fall advice for the elderly, drug and alcohol abuse advice and many more kinds of educational material delivered as PDF, video or any other pertinent mixed media format


Our system will integrate flawlessly with your existing patient administration system.

  • As patients are registered on the PAS in the A&E department a standard HL7 message is sent to our system

  • Our system is then prepared to be used by the patient

  • Reception or triage staff direct appropriate patients to the kiosk to fill in the questionnaire

  • Data is vetted, parsed and prepared for the doctor prior to the consultation

  • Data is sent back to the PAS for inclusion in the patient record

  • Data is delivered to databases of your choice for analysis 

  • Anonymised data is accumulated in a data lake for analysis of the community needs