Using Digital technologies to lead the advancement in health and Wellness

Innovate Health Technologies is developing a class-leading platform with specific developments in response to  COVID-19 Pandemic

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COVID19 Application Service

We have a range of apps which will provide both sympton taking and risk analysis for you as as individual.

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Innovate Wellness Platform

Class leading wellness platform based around three pillars of functionality, the platform is the core of the Innovate Health Business

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Personal ProtectionEquipment

View our on-line catalogue of PPE which has all the key requirements for both individuals and health care establishments 

Digital Wellness Platform

A Virtual Care model needs to be built on a Digital Community.  The Community defines Organisations and Users but goes much further to define roles organisations and users play, the relationship they have and the context for these. The context can apply to all organisations, user, groups and relationship. When we define the Community, we can automatically provision storage concepts for all participants and components, these are Workspaces. As part of the community we can define the services or capability of the healthcare establishment.
Within IH  you can have multiple communities and it is possible to share data across communities.

Community Data

Once the Community has been established and the roles being identified, interoperability strategy can be developed which will utilise the existing investments in IT and minimising the technology disruption. We call this the Community Data. This would be complemented by the development of new Patient interactions using our Digital technologies which would allow patients to play a far more constructive role in there interaction with healthcare services in their community. If the Health Care establishment can also provide its capacity or availability, we can create a capability and capacity model which will allow effective patient flow across a community, one of the key objectives of a virtual care platform.
Whether is a simple WhatsApp dialogue with your GP or a Patient completing a remote triage on the backpain, the data in the community should be shared by all but concentrated in a record owned by the Patient. We have adopted blockchain technologies to encrypt the storage of data, and a sophisticated access model to ensure privacy and trust are maintained within the community.

The Internet Of Medical Things

Using the Internet of Things technology within the platform, we can build a library of supported devices which, which we are calling the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)  will change where healthcare can be delivered and allow Patients to play a pro-active role in there healthcare. We have developed a digital health hub, which allows us to connect a whole spectrum of devices which can be used by Patients and Healthcare Providers alike. This wide spectrum of unstructured data can be stored in the Workspaces automatically provisioned in the Community which provides security and scalability to the Data.
The IoMT helps  increases in efficiency and improvements in patient comfort, by areas of patient care out of the recognised healthcare provider to more convenient locations, even into the patients  home. It’s becoming possible to monitor patients’ health wherever they are. Devices such as medical weight scales, heart-rate monitors and blood pressure monitors can track health and alert patients, families and caregivers to changes in vital signs, or missed medications.
Applications include Asset Tracking and monitoring through Patient wearables. So whether its tracking Patients and equipment around a hospital, recording fridge temperatures in a GP practice to meet CQC standards or a Patient monitoring there Blood Pressure, weight or insulin level at home, the IoMT will optimise many healthcare and operational processes in the community.

Digital Health Models

Having completed a digital infrastructure, where data can be seamlessly and securely shared, IH provides a Process modelling tool which allows new Digital Health Models to be created. Supported by Plug ins which allow data from existing system or the IoMT to start or affect processes, ensure co-ordination and orchestration of activities in a secure, permissioned role based access model to deliver effective and optimised healthcare processes in a virtual healthcare setting.

The process optimisation could and should work beyond Patient care. Using our IoMT capability tracking and monitoring can become fully automated, ensuring optimum use of assets and automating compliance models.

Example models we have already worked on are:

Back Pain Management

Optimising Patient time in Emergency Departments

CQC Compliance