Healthcare and Wellness, Improved by Innovation

Communication is key

Our Health and Wellness Platform brings essential operational intelligence to the hard-working healthcare professional. We place the patient at the centre of our efforts. And through patient engagement, and the data we gather from a myriad of connected devices; our system reliably informs the care professional, drives the pursuit of best practice, while educating and empowering patients.

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Platform in action

See how our platform is solving real-world problems today  

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Medicine temperature monitoring

Maintaining the temperature of medicines cannot be left to chance!

  • Maintain care compliance record

  • Automatic alarms, before stock is ruined

  • Reduce administrative overheads, save time & money

“The lack of effective temperature monitoring of medication storage areas on some wards had the potential to impact on the safety of relevant medicines to patients”  - Care Quality Commission

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Behind the scenes

Learn more about how are systems do what they do, and how this helps you deliver a better quality of care.

  • Improve patient engagement

  • Reduce administrative overheads for care professionals

  • Evidence-driven healthcare

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Emergency care

How to improve emergency care through patient engagement and the dynamic flow of clinical intelligence.

  • Empower patients to help with their own treatment and diagnosis

  • Reduce clinical clerking time by up to 70%

  • Real-time data access for care professionals across the community